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Why list your home on ZephyrhillsMH.com ?
  • The ONLY local Mobile Home and RV listing website !
    Why list your home on ZephyrhillsMH.com? As a manufactored home owner in Zephyrhills trying to sell your home you had 3 choices...

    1-Put a sign in your front window and hope a buyer drives by.
    2-Put on craigs list in Lakeland or Tampa and get lost in a sea of real estate postings very quickly(there is no mobile home or RV catagory).
    3-list with a listing agent or park office and pay $2 thousand to $3 thousand dollars WHEN and IF it sells.

    Well, now there's a 4th option. Post your listing on ZephyrhillsMH.com for less than a $1 a day and target the people who are looking NOW and in SEASON on their smart phones, tablets, or computers. Seniors IN Zephyrhills NOW to retire or seasonal snowbirds. Our listing service along with our BRANDED For Sale sign presents your home at any time weeding out lookyloo's who don't like your home to begin with or can't or won't meet your price, saving you time and frustration! Plus you can go on your Dashboard anytime and see your homes statistics, like number of views and print outs. You cant get that in print.

    As a local listing website we TARGET and advertise LOCALLY in ZEPHYRHILLS by print, handouts at events, place mats , mobile advertising and signage. So give us a try, Call 813-395-4949 with any questions . You got LITTLE to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

We offer an Assisted Listing Service !
  • Need Help Posting a Listing?
    Don't have a digital camera or take good pictures---Not sure how to write a great informative description---Not to good with computers---Don't like to used cards on the web? Then our ASSISTED LISTING SERVICE could be the answer for you.

    We come to your home and take professional digital pictures, gather all the details of your park, your lot, and your home. Then we post your listing on our website with all the pictures, a professional description and all your contact info. All for only a $99.99 one time fee plus the $29.99 /30 day listing fee collected on the spot with cash, checks, credit or debit cards. And it only takes about 1 hour of your time.

    You will get a e-mail notification 3 days before the listing expires if you want to renew. Because we are a local listing website we are able to offer local service! Call 813-395-4949 for details or to schedule an listing appointment today.

Why Zephyrhills to WINTER or RETIRE in ?
  • Because It has Everything you need!
    Why pick ZEPHYRHILLS to winter or retire to?. Zephyrhills is a nice town with everything you need, and if it dont your only 30 miles from Lakeland or Tampa. It is a country town of 20K people that swells to 60k of mainly senior snowbirds in winter.

    There is a Wal Mart, 2 Publix, 2 Winn Dixie, Save A Lot, Hobby Lobby, Lowes, Home depot, 2 CVS, 2 Walgreens, Rural King, Beall's, Tractor Supply, etc. We even have a movie house and a bowling alley. We have a Auction house running all day wednesday to buy or sell anything you can think of.

    There are a lot of different festivals (festival.net) every weekend within 100 miles in winter and 2 big car show/swap meets in town in winter too. There are lots of thrift stores in town and many yard sales on the weekend too. Bingo and Karoake can be found almost every night at bars, social clubs and different Mobile home and RV parks. It has a hospital and a medical center and all kinds of specialist around that cater to seniors.

    There are many great local places to eat (my favorites are Sunrise and 2 Minutes) along with every chain eatery you can think of. We have a lot of social clubs like the Moose, Elks, Eagles, VFW, DAV, etc with all kinds of actvities and wing nite and fish fry friday in winter. There are 3 golf courses in and close to town. We have a municipal airport where you can take flights, and parachuting is a big draw there. You can jump or just enjoy watching anytime of day. We have a small seasonal flea market out by airport in oct-mar on tues/thurs with all kinds of new and used stuff and the best produce in the world. There is also 2 other flea markets not to far away, Webster(giant) on monday and Plant city(big) on wednesday. There is plenty to do here in especially in winter if you look around!

Why advertise on ZephyrhillsMH.com ?
  • Because we ARE the future of advertising in Zephyrhills !
    Why advertise your business with ZephyrhillsMH.com you ask. Because ZephyrhillsMH.com is the ONLY local listing site for mobile homes and RV's in town. We are the ONLY local source for over 50K seniors to SEARCH and BUY mobile homes and RV's. We target the 50K snowbirds and retirees that flock here and populate the over 100 mobile home and RV parks in and around ZEPHYRHILLS . We advertise LOCALLY in print, handouts at social and special events, Signage and mobile advertising targeting the seniors in these over 55 parks. Why not reach out to YOUR customer base where they are looking now. On their computers, tablets,and smart phones. Recent GOOGLE data reveals that 70% of consumer searches today are on mobile electronic devices. I can design you a POWERFUL professional BANNER or BOX ad WITH or W/O a website link in 1 day for free if you don't have one. Call 813-395-4949 if you need design help. We offer competitive rates below print(shopper magazines) and there's not many more options in town. So get on board and come into the 21st century and reach your future customers!

How to pick a Mobile Home or RV park .
  • You get what you pay for !
    Picking the right Mobile Home park or RV park is just as important as finding the right home. After all what good is it to find the right home if you dont like the park. ZEPHYRHILLS has about 100 parks in and around it. They range in lot rent from about $300 to $600 a month and more depending on ammenities, services and how nice the park is. Almost all are over 55 age requirements parks, but there are a few family parks. BUT the park can admit 20% of applicants under 55 at their descretion. Most require a background check(no wanted persons or convicted sex offenders), some require a credit check and sometimes a income verification too.

    Zephyrhills has mobile home parks on leased land, mobile home parks in deed restricted/resident owned parks(you buy a share and rent is subsidised), RV trailer parks and resorts. Some have big lots and wide streets, some are packed like sardines on 1 lane roads where you can touch your neighbors trailer. Some have only parking for a small car. There are pets, restricted size pets and no pets parks. And ALLWAYS ask park questions to the PARK office not the seller as policies change and the seller may not know. So check out the park as well as the Mobile Home or RV. Both are equally important!

Picking the Right Trailer Is VERY important !
  • There are a lot of choices in ZEPHYRHILLS!
    Picking the right trailer is just as important as picking the right park. There are New and Old big long Mobile Homes, New and Old short mobile homes(considered Park Model RV's), New and Old RV trailers, New and old Fifth Wheel RV trailers , New and Old RV trailers with tip outs or slide outs(considered Park models RV's)all can be found with or without added on additions and sheds. There are a lot of different trailer options for you to choose. And the add ons are as numerous as the trailer choices like Florida Rooms (porch with screens), Covered Decks, added on Bedrooms or Dens, Carports, Garages, Metal Roof Overs, Patios, Window Awnings, Insulated Roofs, Sheds, Workshops, etc.

    So as you see there are lot of different Add On options to pick here too. And a little known thought is to consider which way the trailer or porch faces. Do you like morning sunrises or evening sunsets sitting on your porch? Do you like privacy or like watching the park world go buy? Do you like Shade or Full sun? Some secluded and shady homes ask a higher price. And how close you are to a major road determines the the road noise level. You got your work cut out for you,but we can help----HAPPY HUNTING

Air Conditioning Tips for Buyers.
  • Central air A/C vs Mini split unit A/C vs Window unit A/C
    Florida can get hot, even in winter. Its good to know some AC basics before you buy. Central Air is the quietest A/C you can get. That is because both the compressor AND the blower are located outside. Its also the most expensive to operate, install or replace . About $3K to $4k for a new one installed only by a certified A/C tech.

    Mini split Units are the second quietest A/C you can get . That is because the compressor is located outside BUT the blower is located in a box inside mounted on a wall. They are the second most expensive A/C to operate and replace. They are good for a up to couple of rooms to cool. About $1K to install or replace them yourself IF you are handy and watch a YOU TUBE video or by a certified A/C tech.

    Window units are the loudest A/C you can get. That is because BOTH the compressor AND the blower are in your window. They are the cheapest to operate , install or replace. About $100 to $400 according to the size of the room you are trying to cool. And most people can replace them themselves with a few support brackets under and/or plywood fillers if not a perfect fit in your window.

HOW to write a GREAT description of your home
  • Its easy to do when you know how!
    The first thing you need to know is your probably writing the description for a northern snow bird that might not know about your about your park or Zephyrhills. Start by telling your prospective buyer what part of town you live in and the surrounding ammenities like shopping, parks, etc.

    Then describe your park in detail with the LOT RENT and whats included with it at the top and bottom of your description because people just dont notice it and its the first question they will ask you. Tell what kind of activites they have in the clubhouse and on the grounds. Describe your LOT which is very important to a web site viewer. Is it shady all the time, partly shady, full sun (for winter sun lovers), corner lot, sideways lot, big lot,etc. Is it secluded or can you watch the park world go by on your porch. Which way the trailer sits is important to porch or patio sitters, as there are Sunrise and Sunset people.

    Next describe your home with ALL the details. Is it a open living room ,dining room ,kitchen floorplan. Are the halls wide, does the bathroom have elbow room, is the paint fresh or bright. Does it have lots of windows, Vaulted cielings,Thick effecient walls, ceiling fan/s etc. Avoid all the wonderfuls, gorgeous, and beautiful cliches as those are subjective. Draw a simple floorplan and shoot it or Upload a floorplan while listing if you have one. AND put the lot rent in again with whats included. Remember you are describing the future home to a prospective buyer. Describe everything you can think of and create the WANT !

Why ZEPHYRHILLS and over 55 Senior Parks ?
  • Because WE are the HOME of the FUTURE !
    America is Aging and nobody says "I'm going to move to Florida and live in a Trailer park". They say "i'm going to move to Florida to play golf, go to the beach, and enjoy life in the sun". Well, the "Trailer" is what makes this possible. Equity in a "Stick House" means you can sell it, move to central Florida and pick up a Mobile Home or RV for a fraction of the price. You can pick one up in Zephyrhills from $5K to $50K. Neighbors are close and look out after each other. Asphalt paths invite walking and biking. Activities are as many as leaves on a tree, and there's no stairs to climb. The trouble is people don't save. Social Security is good for only so much, and pensions are nearly a thing of the past. 33% have not put a thin dime back toward retirement. over %50 have saved less than $10K. Trailer parks are basically gated communities for people who aren't that rich. And your not isolated as in "stick built" neighborhoods where you dont know anybody and everyone is SEALED in their home. In senior parks ,someone is always going by or dropping by to chat or check up on you. Not everyone comes from the same background,and some dont row in your direction ,but they all are aging. So If your looking to save money or want , fellowship, companionship, and activites check out our over 55 mobile Home parks and RV parks and ZephyrhillsMH.com can help!

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